Roster Role: 9am Service leader


This is an unfiltered list of resources and tips, which will be developed further!

Planning the Service

  1. You'll be sent a run sheet template early in the week with various components already added.  You need to put these in a sensible order and add extra elements as appropriate
  2. Read the Bible passages carefully and think how they might inform your planning of the service
  3. The Liturgy Library is at for you to choose things from.  Try to consider what we've done in recent weeks - if we've said the Lord's Prayer for the last 3 weeks, maybe it can have a rest.  If we haven't said a confession together for 2 weeks, it'd be good to include a confession, etc.
  4. Think carefully about what songs will go where.  Not all songs do the same thing!
  5. Not everything in the service has to relate to the sermon.
  6. Everything in the service should relate to the gospel
  7. You may choose to include a "greeting time" as the kids leave for cornerstone (but you don't have to).  If we have this greeting time, its value is in getting people to talk to newcomers or people they don't know. 
  8. As you plan the service, work out how long you expect it to run for.  Aim for 60-70 minutes.  Running for less than 60 minutes means we missed the chance to do good things together.  Running for more than 70 minutes creates practical problems for 10.30 church.  
  9. By Friday morning, please send your final run sheet to Tom who will forward it on to everyone involved

Preparing your leading

  1. It can be useful to "set up" some of the concepts that the readings and sermon will deal with.  But it's not essential.  Don't give the sermon in advance!
  2. Your job includes leading in prayer.  This needs to be prepared in advance!  You can get ideas from the back page of the newsletter, which you can get in advance at  Remember the back page is just a guide - there may well be other local or global issues that should be prayed for.  Try to pray for world issues, world mission, local issues and local mission.

On the day

  1. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the service start time
  2. Please bring about 8 printed copies of the run sheet with  you on Sunday morning.  Hand them to the music team, bible readers, tech operators etc.
  3. Make sure you check in with the Bible readers before the service starts, so there is no awkward uncertainty when it's time for the readings.
  4. If there's a greeting time, its value lies in the chance to talk to newcomers. Make sure you announce it this way - "let's take a moment to say hello to anyone you don't know..."
  5. When you lead in prayer, it's helpful if can include response to what the sermon has said.  Especially if the preacher didn't pray at the end of the sermon.  This pretty much needs to be done on the spot, once you've actually heard the sermon.
  6. Do invite people for morning tea after the service.  But aim to make your last words something of spiritual substance, for example closing in prayer. Make sure you know in advance how you will end!
  7. The ideal time to end is between 60-70 minutes.  For 9am church, ending between 10.10am and 10.15am is the "orange zone", and if we hit 10.15 it's time to reach for the "emergency stop" button!